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Read the story behind Neil Stratton and Scott Mayer’s film of this Critical Mass Bike Ride in VenicePaper’s October 06 issue out on the streets, now.

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If A Tree Falls….is it Part of a Complex MTA Plot?

In the rising paranoia in regards to the actions of the MTA related to a proposed development and land swap for the MTA's Venice property, even the cutting down of several trees surrounding the property has initiated discussion and innuendo amongst the community. According to community members, seventeen Cypress trees on Thornton Avenue bordering the MTA lot were cut down shortly before the Los Angeles Planning Commission was set to make its decision on the proposed development of the site.

Don’t call Oliver Stone yet.

According to an MTA spokesperson all of the trees bordering the lot in Venice (75 in total) “exhibit symptoms of Coryneum Canker of Cypress, a common fungus that is eventually fatal to many varieties of Cypress trees. This condition is further exacerbated due to our facility’s proximity to the Pacific Ocean.”

The spokesperson went on to state, that “Although unfortunate, Metro’s tree expert recommended to remove all 17 trees in order to ensure the safety of residents along Thornton Avenue.

The remainder of the trees along Pacific and Sunset Avenues continue to suffer from the Canker fungus, but at this time the trees do not appear to pose a safety hazard. Metro and its expert will continue to monitor the health and condition of the trees, and may need to remove additional trees if they are determined to represent a safety hazard.”

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