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Read the story behind Neil Stratton and Scott Mayerís film of this Critical Mass Bike Ride in VenicePaperís October 06 issue out on the streets, now.

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Memorial Day Breaking News

Brawl Errupts on Boardwalk

May 31, 2010. Venice, CA The day before Memorial Day Venice was so overrun the locals were hiding. Venice Boulevard heading west was bumper to bumper at 3 p.m. Abbot Kinney, same-same on account of a tourist who was blocking traffic waiting for a valet at Hal's--sorry babe, they don't work the lunch crowd.

Now, the LA Times reports a large brawl that broke out Sunday at the Boardwalk. As if that's a shocker.

Down on the sand several hours before a long time local was recounting how dangerous Los Angeles' #2 tourist destination is (after Disneyland.) After dark the place is always truly truly hairy, not simply ordinary vagrants--no beatniks--but mostly angry men who seem on the hing of violence. Anyone familiar with the scene in the winter has witnessed a fair amount of fights breakout in broad daylight. At night, year-round, it's not safe for residents. Where are the police then?

Here's the Times story on the brawl.
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