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Read the story behind Neil Stratton and Scott Mayer’s film of this Critical Mass Bike Ride in VenicePaper’s October 06 issue out on the streets, now.

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Starbucks on Abbot Kinney?

May 25, 2007--We’ve gotten lots of angry calls and notes about a certain faux-yogurt store that broke into our neighborhood and we will address the topic in the next couple of weeks but, in the meantime:

No, a Starbucks is not going into the project under construction at the corner of Abbot Kinney Boulevard and Venice Boulevard.

The project’s developer has told us that he “has no interest” in turning Abbot Kinney into every other street in L.A.

It’s worth noting that the developer, a friend of ours, has a more acute understanding of the value of Venice independence than the Los Angeles City Council which makes mega bucks from our community cause we’re the #2 tourist destination the Southland (only ranking below Disneyland.) The City Council recently stymied a proposed ban on chain stores for Abbot Kinney, leaving it languishing in committee. (Check back on our site: in the next week or so and we’ll give you some names and addresses to call and write to.)

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